Spotlight on Dr Priya Singh

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dr-singhDr Priya Singh is a doctor who works for the Medical Protection Society. Dr Singh has a varied and interesting background as a medical professional. Dr Singh has worked in both South Africa and Gibraltar before her post in general practice. Being a trained mediator, Dr Priya Singh has a vast array of skills and the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine is proud to boast her as a founding fellow.

The MPS is a society of healthcare professionals that provide help and support for doctors and healthcare professionals facing legal claims. The society is there to safeguard the health and reputations of it’s members. As the society is set up to protect healthcare workers, this does not mean that it neglects patients who have been treated negligently. The MPS also strives to make sure that compensation is paid quickly to patients who have genuinely received mistreatment.

Dr Singh plays an important role within the MPS, being responsible for medicolegal services to the MPS’s over 200,000 members. A recent survey found that the MPS is a highly valued organisation and over 97% of members would recommend its services.

Things that healthcare executive recruiters should keep in mind

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workersRecruitment is always the basic step in expanding your business, and good recruiters are always one of the biggest assets for an organization. However, the healthcare executive recruiters should take care of several other things, which the normal corporate recruiters may never need to worry about.

Usually in the corporate field, the recruitment needs are seldom shaky, and usually there’s a good time margin to seek and recruit good people, but the recruitment needs of the healthcare services firms are instant, on most occasions. This means that healthcare executive recruiters should cope-up with the task to higher good staff also instantly, whenever the need arises.

In order to assess somebody in a very short span of time, you must check his/her individual qualities, and also the spirit to work in a team. Many a time, those who’re excellent as an individual don’t really work equally well in a team, and even de-motivate others causing havoc in the organization as a whole.

So, the healthcare executive recruiters should take good care that they don’t recruit such individuals in the organization, despite their excellent skills. Moreover, they must also remember that the applicants have an intention to serve the organization for a comparatively longer period of time. Otherwise, you’ll end up finding another replacement for the person you just recruited, in a few months time again. Furthermore, don’t forget that mis-hiring always causes greater damage to the financial strength of the organization as well.