A Guide for First-Time Parents

You recently welcomed your little one and excited about his/her presence. On another side, you are full of doubts and questions and worried about how to start? You do not have any experience of how to deal with the nappy changing, bathing, and washing, and many more tasks the baby is going to give you. Here are some tricks through which you can have an idea of how to start?

Know your Baby

You do not know anything about your baby’s behavior and your mind is full of a lot of doubt about his/her behavior. I am sure in this article you ‘ll get some information which will help you to judge your baby’s behavior.

Breastfeeding To your Baby

In the initial phase of breastfeeding it might be possible that you’ll think that Your baby is continuously feeding with a low gap of time. Soon you The amount of milk you are producing will settle and you and your baby too. Once all things settle then you and baby both will opt for a pattern in which you feed the baby as often he/she needs it. Let it be to your baby when they have had enough.

Bathing to your Baby

In the first few days, you do not have any need to give a bath to your baby. Instead of bathing, you can wash your baby’s head, face, hand, neck, and bottom. A sponge bath is also a good option but before choosing any option either bathing or washing depends upon the temperature. 

It’s up to you to choose any one option but make sure that before taking baby for bath or washing the required things such as – warm water, towel, cotton wool, nappies, and clean clothes are ready and the in which you are taking the baby should be warm.

Time to change baby’s nappy

The growing baby needs to change their nappy frequently because in the initial phase of growth it is normal. The parents need to keep changing the baby’s diaper if you’ll leave the wet diaper for a long time. It may be a cause of serious skin infection or diaper rash. In the early stage of life, skin rashes are not good for the baby because their skin is not so developed.

Soothing crying baby

When the baby cries it means he/she wants more care and comfort but it’s not always with the same meaning sometimes it may be due to hunger or any other thing which is not easy to figure out for the parents. But some the reason is- 

  • Hunger
  • A wet nappy
  • Being too hot or cold
  • Tiredness
  • Not Feeling well
  • Need Cuddling
  • Colic
  • Allergies

Help your baby in sleep

It is quite normal if your baby is taking a short sleep during the day or at night. It can be a reason too that the newborn babies can’t be turned into day and night. In the early stage of life, a baby grows faster and they have a little stomach so they need to feed little and often. When the baby is growing then they require a night feeding so that they can have a longer sleep at night. 

How to figure out that your baby is ill?

It is not easy to find that the newborn baby is ill because they can’t give you a sign or nothing else, but you know your baby more than others and you can easily find out the changes in their behavior, if your baby has any kind of changes in their behavior and not taking their feed as compared to other days do not wait just consult with the doctor.

Reducing the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome

The risk of sudden infant death is rare, so do not think about it and do not miss your baby’s initial phase of development. There are so many tricks after using them you can reduce the risk. Few of them are – 

  • When your baby is going for sleep put your baby on his/her back.
  • Always use a firm and flat surface while the baby is sleeping with some secure corners.
  • Never stop breastfeeding in the initial phase of their life.
  • It is good for you and baby both if you keep your baby beside you in your room.
  • Take care of the airflow so there should be no suffocation near to them, and keep the area clean near to the baby’s sleeping area.
  • Do not let them too hot while sleeping
  • Do not stop taking your prenatal vitamins after the baby’s birth
  • Do not take any alcohol or any kind of smoking.
  • Do not use a heater or any other substitute closest to the baby’s bed. 

No hard and fast rule in the world can teach you and make you perfect in any manner so don’t overthink. You are having a most precious gift in your hand, take care of them and you’ll learn more things as the day goes.

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