Cracked Nipples while Breastfeeding

Is it normal for new mum’s that while they are feeding their baby their nipples get cracked or sour? This is a single question that arises while you are breastfeeding, especially for new moms, because they even don’t know the reason behind that, and few moms stop the feeding when they have this kind of problem with nipples. This is very normal after birth because of the skin changes and the other one is inappropriate lactating of your child. After birth the woman’s breast is fuller due to milk production, it might be a discomfort situation for the new mum’s. 

You can do one thing just check your baby’s lactating position whether it’s correct or not, sometimes the wrong position of holding the baby may be a cause of nipple soreness. You can ask your mother or any other related one who has the experience of breastfeeding earlier. Sometimes the tips of experienced one work very effectively. It might have happened at the time of breastfeeding that the little amount of blood in his bowel, this may have happened because he swelled some amount of blood when you have creak nipples, do not worry this swallowed blood is not harmful to that baby.

We can identify the number of reasons due to the problem of nipples pain arise:

  • Tenderness of breastfeeding
  • Improper lactating position
  • Pumping equipment
  • Uncomfortable nursing bras
  • Skin dryness
  • Breast infection

You can follow some tips who can help you out to give you relief from the nipples pain.

  • A good lactating
  • Change the nursing position
  • Choose the right pumping equipment
  • Breath high and be relax
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The reason

As soon as you find the problem of sour nipples try to identify the reason behind this because it might be a cause of your uncomfortableness not only the breastfeeding but you may feel the pain several times in a day. If you feel that the problem is increasing day by day and you are not getting any relief by using some homemade remedies then immediately consult with your doctor. They may check your baby too for their lips and tongue or you have any medical problem related to any infection. Before taking any action just make sure of yourself if you are using any nipple shield or any breast pump, are good in quality, and work in the right manner, there are no possibilities of a wrong way of using.

Right after the breastfeeding

Once the baby is done his/her job you need to check your breast immediately after for the presence of any kind of redness or any crack. Use wipes to clean your breasts after every feeding. Allow your nipples to open into the air for a few minutes. Just make sure that before wearing your nursing bra your nipples are dry, apply the ointment before wearing it. You can check the size of your nursing bra whether it’s a good fit or not. If the pain remains check with your doctor.

Should breastfeeding continue with the cracked nipples?

Yes, why should I not? feeding the baby keeps them satisfied and it keeps the baby healthier. This fuller tummy keeps the baby away from the extra sucking this will feel you more comfortable. To offer the less tender breast may keep you calm and give you relief from the pain.

There is no need to stop breastfeeding while you have sore or cracked nipples, to stop breastfeeding for 24 to 48 hours will be more painful in comparison to nipple pain. If you are supposed to take some pain relievers, talk to your doctors because it may not be good for your baby. 

Healing tips for Cracked nipples

We try to introduce some tips to care for your breasts. Maybe they help you out. But sometimes the home remedies  not work properly, so the experts advise are necessary:

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During the nursing session: 

  • Offer the uninjured side first
  • Apply the ice on your areolas before the feeding
  • Change the breastfeeding position
  • Express the milk from the injured side by hand expression, if pumping is painful.

Right after the nursing:

  • Saltwater rinse
  • Apply the expressed breast-milk
  • Apply the ointment prescribed by the doctor
  • Open the breasts into the air for a while
  • Allow the breasts to dry properly.
  • Keep breasts exposed properly into the air
  • Use fresh disposable pads for the bra 
  • Apply the ice pack if any injury is there
  • Do not use the soap if the nipples are cracked. 

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