Dry fruits powder – Healthy weight gain formula for babies(For 1+ toddlers and Kids)

There is nothing like that, We don’t know the benefits of dry fruits. Dry fruits are full of minerals vitamins and phosphorus. Dry Fruits help babies in their brain development and skin nourishment and also play an important part to improve the babies’ immune system to keep them healthy. The rich ingredients which are required to make dry fruits powder are:

Almonds – 180 Grms

Cashews – 120 Grms

Pistachio nuts – 120 Grms

Walnuts – 60 Grms

Cardamoms – 5

Saffron – A pinch

Raw sugar – 3/4th Cup

Let’s get started towards the recipe –  Very first put a pan on a low flame till it becomes medium hot. Add all the dry fruits separately into the pan and allow them to dry roast for a while, just take care of one thing that the dry fruits should not be dark in color it may be slightly brown. After roasting all the dry fruits excluding saffron add all them together into a plate and allow them to cool down properly. Now add a little amount of fried dry fruits into a blending jar with some amount of raw sugar(raw sugar prevents the dry fruits powder from sticking). Take the saffron in between your palms and crush it and mix the saffron with the powder.

The ground dry fruit powder is ready to use. You can keep it in an airtight jar for future use, You can use this powder till 2 months after storage.

You can cook many recipes with the help of this dry fruit powder and there is no need to add extra sugar as it contains sugar already.

Nut Milk

Semolina Kheer

Oats Porridge 

Ragi Milk

Banana Shake

Pear shake

Banana Nuts pancake

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