Pregnancy with block fallopian tubes/one-sided block

Do you know what happened when your fallopian tubes are blocked or a one-sided block? 

This question creates curiosity for many of the women who are facing challenges to conceive, but there are no other ways to find out the causes of infertility because infertility never comes suddenly it grow up day by day since you are born, there are no physical symptoms through which you can deduct the causes of infertility. Only the fertility treatment in which various kinds of tests are included can only detect the reason for infertility.

In some women, infertility arrives due to some factors such as – Fibroids, any kind of thyroid, diabetes, Age factor, Late menstruation, No ovulation, No follicles in ovaries, PCOS, or PCOD these are some very common factors but another one which we can not detect without HSG or laparoscopy of fallopian tubes

The very important question is what happens when we have one side fallopian tube blockers either left or right, the misconception is everywhere so there are also some misconceptions but the reality is so far away from these misconceptions. 

  1. One side blocked fallopian tube is a cause of women’s infertility.
  2. The HSG test is reliable in every case.
  3. Blocked fallopian tubes can be open at every stage of blockage.
  4. Fallopian tubes have no role in infertility.
  5. Laparoscopy is the only way to open a blocked fallopian tube.
  6. The situation of PCOS and PCOD never be treated.
  7. Infertility is genetic.

These myths stop those women to consult with a good Gynecologist facing infertility. There is nothing in this world which is not possible. If you are suffering from the blocked fallopian tubes issues then you have to cross-check every information which you are getting about infertility. 

Fertility with one open Fallopian tube

Of course, fertility is possible when you have one block and one open fallopian tube, The follicles who convert into a mature egg to rupture, travel from both fallopian tubes, but in a single time, only one fallopian tube works, and others take rest. It does not mean that every time the process of egg release happens from the one fixed side. The process of releasing and traveling a mature egg through fallopian tubes changes but it’s not fixed. 

Still, if you are not getting the results after knowing that you have one side open Fallopian tube then ask your doctor, they would suggest you go for Follicular monitoring. Through Follicular monitoring, you can know the exact days in which you will have the maximum chances to conceive. Try unprotected intercourse in those most fertile days in which the chances to conceive have high chances.

Follicular Monitoring/USG

Follicular monitoring, you must be aware of this term, because every time you think about infertility treatments you heard a common word called follicular monitoring. What is Follicular monitoring and how it helps women to conceive?

Follicular monitoring is an image-based ultrasound of a women’s reproductive system, through which we came to know the exact position, size, and shape of the ovary uterus and developing follicles. With the help of this image-based ultrasound, your doctor will tell you about those most fertile days which play a major role in conceiving. After knowing the most suitable days for intercourse the chances of pregnancy will be high rather than the other days. 

Once you start tracking your cycle this will be the very easiest way to track your ovulation window. This is how Follicular monitoring works and plays an important role for those women who are facing issues in conceiving.  

Other options to choose from if you failed after Follicular Monitoring

IUI/Intrauterine insemination

IUI/Intrauterine insemination treatment is useful for those ladies who failed in conceiving after follicular study and have one open fallopian tube. Before proceeding further, it is quite meaningful to know what exactly IUI is? And how does it work? In the IUI procedure, the washed and quality sperms injected into the women’s uterus for quick fertilization. The main aim is to do an IUI procedure to reduce the travel time of quality/dominating sperms so that the sperm can easily reach into the fallopian tubes where the mature egg is waiting for the sperms. Once the sperm meets with the egg then there is a high chance for fertilization, if this process is successful then there will be good news. 

Fertility with block Fallopian tube

IVF/In Vitro Fertilization or Artificial Insemination or Test Tube Baby

IVF: IVF/In Vitro Fertilization or Artificial Insemination or Test Tube Baby we know the IVF from these names. The IVF is a surgical procedure where your doctor takes your eggs/follicles out of your ovaries. After the ejection of the eggs, the entire process will be done by the special lab technician. After the collection of eggs and sperms(washed and quality sperm used in IUI and IVF procedure) female’s egg will be fertilized in a liquid by the sperm into a lab after following the standards. Once the egg gets fertilized then this will be injected into the woman’s uterus. It is not mandatory that in a single attempt you get the success IVF it depends upon the women’s previous medical history or other factors but in many cases, it came to know the higher success in one attempt but not in every case.


We can say that surrogacy is a legal and mutual consent procedure where a woman who agrees (Mutually and legally) to carry another parent’s baby until the birth(These parents will be the legal parents after the childbirth and the women who are ready for surrogacy will not be entrapped in it). Doctors will suggest this option when you try everything to get a baby but unfortunately, you never succeed. Surrogacy is a legal arrangement of a female who doesn’t have any issue to bear a child(s) for another parent as simple as that. 

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