Unlocking the Secrets of Ovulation: Your Fertility Window Demystified

A healthy couple who is not taking any kind of birth control pills or any other protection has the maximum chances to get conceived only during the fertility window. We must know what the fertility window is and how it works. Each month every woman has their menstruation cycle and after 10 to 12  days of this cycle, the fertility window has started. This is the right in which a healthy couple has chances to get pregnant fast. We all know this process at the time of ovulation. Basically what is the ovulation exactly is we can understand this like this –

Ovulation is a part of the women menstruation cycle, it happens when the mature egg is released by the ovaries and this happens on the 14th day of 28 days menstruation. A woman is having the maximum changs to get pregnant in between of this time but the condition is only one that you have had sex 3 to 4 days before because when the egg relies it may live till 12 to 24 hours. If your egg meets with a single sperm(only single sperm needed to make a baby) and is fertilized by the sperm. 

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The time duration of Ovulation

When your body releases follicle-stimulating hormone then the process of ovulation has started. It typically happens on the 10 to 14th day of your last period. This hormone helps the egg in the ovaries to get matured and released once the time comes. When the egg goes mature your body starts to produce the Luteinizing hormone. Ovulation may happen after 24 to 36 hours when your body starts producing the Luteinizing hormone.

Are there any symptoms for Ovulation?

Yes of course there may be some symptoms that generally indicate a natural way to predict the theme of ovulation, but it is not necessary every time that the prediction goes right. You might have found some changes in your vaginal discharge at the time of the ovulation the discharge is often wet and slippery( similar to the raw egg white part). This kind of discharge generally happens when the woman’s body produces it in a large amount and this only happens at the time of ovulation.

It is also possible that you may see some other changes in your body – 

  • Spotting or slight bleeding
  • Breast tenderness
  • Increases sexual drive
  • Discomfort abdomen

Every time it’s not possible that you’ll see the same symptoms it may differ from person to person. Sometimes no symptoms occur, so no one can not predict the right time of ovulation. 

Twice Ovulation in a month Is it possible?

Yes, it might be possible that some of the 10 women can get ovulated more than one time. If both the eggs fertilized by the sperm this situation can be a reason for twins. 

Fertile window

The fertile window is the time in which the chances of conception are higher than other days. We can count the 5 to 6 days before ovulation these six days called the fertile window. Couples who are trying to get pregnant have the chance to get results these days, for improving the chance to get pregnant you should have sexual intercourse in this period. 

Is it possible to track Ovulation?

Without taking any help form to outsource you are not able to find out the correct time of the ovulation. There are some ways throughout which you can identify that the ovulation is coming up or not. In the market, some tools will tell you about your most fertile days. 

  • Ultrasound in doctors clinic: For more accurate results to get information about your ovulation periods consult with the doctor and prefer an ultrasound. It will help you to know whether the fertility window is going on or not.
  • Hormonal blood test: If you do not want to opt for the ultrasound option so in this case, you can shift for a blood test. Through the blood test, the doctor finds out the required LH hormone in your blood which is generally produced at the time of ovulation.
  • Basal body temperature: If you do not want to go for a consultation by the doctor so the other option is that you can track your basal body temperature. When a woman ovulates her basal body temperature goes high. You need to do one thing only to just start tracking your basal body temperature as easy as you get up and not it down. In a month when your basal body temperature goes high so it means that your fertility window has shattered.
  • Ovulation kits: The other option to track your fertile days opt for ovulation test kits which are generally available at the chemist store. This kit also helps you to find out your most fertile days. 

These ae the alternate methods to get aware of your most fertile days if you are planning to conceive. If you do not want to opt for any options so you can do one thing that tries to increase the sexual intercourse frequency,  you can try every other day during your fertile window or you can continue it till the whole month.

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