Best milk is the Breast milk

With the first step of a new life, Breastfeeding is the most sincere way to feed a newborn infant. The early six months of a newborn baby is very important because it provides most of the nutrition which helps the baby to satisfy their hunger and thirst at the same time. The WHO also recommends that the yellowish, sticky breast milk is the pure food for the young baby, and feeding should be admitted within the first few hours after birth.

The recommended age for nursing(breastfeeding) is immediate after birth to 06 months of age, this age is not fixed, you can carry on nursing to your baby till two years of age or beyond( This depends upon the mother whether she wants to continue nursing at what time of ages). We can’t negotiate the pure benefits of nursing(breastfeeding). 

Excellent Positioning and Affection

The core of immeasurable affection and love is the correct posture and ease of nursing. If your young baby is well-attached with your breasts and making efforts to get the milk then this will be easy for the mother not to face breastfeeding issues, like cracked nipples, etc. 

There are several ways through which the mother can reduce the risk of breastfeeding issues and can make an unbreakable bond with the young baby.

  • first-of-all, sit comfortably when you are going to feed your baby, and you can lay off a little bit as you feel comfortable while you are nursing. 
  • Hold your baby nearest against your breast. don’t forget that the young baby is not so strong to balance him/herself, so make support on the neck & shoulder of the baby, not for the head.  
  • Allow the baby to find out his or her right position for nursing he or she can find out the right one by themselves. 
  • Take care of one thing while you are nursing a baby, let the baby try to find his or her way for feeding, do not bring your breast near to the baby. 
  • Once the baby finds their position and goes to open their mouth quickly insert the nipples in their mouth so that the baby can take a good amount of milk. 

All are perfect

it’s very light and keen to find out that everything is running easily while nursing. 

  • Your baby’s chin and nose should touch your breasts while he or she is getting their meal of the day.
  • There should be no pain into the nipples while you are feeding your baby, but the baby sucks the nipples so a little sucking or pressing sensation will be there but don’t worry it’s a sign that everything’s ok. 
  • most of the area of your areola is visible from the top side of your baby’s lip in comparison to the lower lip. 

Is your baby getting the full diet?

Breastfeeding is not only the single moment process in a day, but you might also be repeating it several times in a day or the night as well. But only nursing is not beneficiary for the baby, you need to check out that, Is your baby getting the full diet or full amount of milk which is generally required for their growth?

  • At least 8 to 9 times in a day nursing should be done (including day and night)
  • If the baby is filling 7 to 8 wet nappies a day. ( this is not fixed it depends upon baby to baby).
  • If the baby is gaining weight and developing as expected or as per the age. 
  • If the baby is alert when waking up. 

These are some tricks through which you can say that your baby is getting a full diet. 

Your milk is the lifeline for a young life so when you are feeding the baby takes care of your nutrition as well. Whatever you eat whatever you drink causes an effect on the baby because the nutrition that you get from your meals you’ll give it to the baby through your milk. So eat healthily, stay healthy, avoid any kind of alcohol and smoking while nursing. It can be dangerous for the mother-baby too.

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