Instant mix recipes for babies and Toddlers

1. Puffed rice mix 

2. Poha Mix 

3. Makhana Porridge Mix

While traveling with babies & toddlers the options for their food is very important for new parents because you can’t give everything to the baby at the initial time of age, So there are some easy to make baby food recipes, which is easy to make and very comfortable at the time of any tile leaps journey. 

Without cooking this instant porridge can work. You only need to add some water or milk(mildly hot) and feed your baby when required. All the given recipes can be given to babies from 06 months to 1 year of age. Make sure to introduce each ingredient separately before you try these cereals to your baby. Add nuts to this mix only after introducing each nuts separate, preferably after 8 months 

This porridge’s tastes are bland if given plain, so you can merely add mashed bananas or any fruit puree or mashed sweet potatoes, jaggery syrup, dates syrup, or raisins paste to enhance the taste and make it wholesome. For babies above one year, you can make cow’s milk (instead of water) and sugar/jaggery syrup.


Add hot water little by little, don’t add all the water at once. Stop adding water once the desired porridge consistency is reached. You could also use 3/4 cup of boiled cows milk instead of water for babies above one year. Skip sweetener for babies below one year. 

Use any fruit puree, mashed sweet potatoes, dates syrup, or raisins paste (soak raisins overnight and make a paste with little water using a blender and add it). 

Always check with your doctor before giving any new food to your baby.

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