All About the Periods

There is a time in every girl’s life where she starts facing body & hormonal changes. This majorly occurs when a girl is entered into her teenage this age should be within 10 or 14 years. At an earlier stage of this era of life, every parent should take care of several things because it’s not only important to the girls it is even more important for parents as well. 

The first question arises in our minds what are the periods and why they happen in this earlier stage of age.

“Periods are also known as” Menstruation or monthly discharge of blood from the vagina. The length of this flow is in between 3 to 7 days or it may be a little bit longer ”  The time of period in young women within the first day of one menstruation and the first day of the next one is 21 to 45 days and 21 to 31 days in adults.

A time when we should start to talk to our Children

This is a very natural thing that is ordinarily a hint for good health. One age can not define the time when you have your first periods, it is a myth that the periods can be stat at the earliest age of 10 and most probably at 11, but yes this is the time when your body starts getting some changes as the maturity of the body, all parents should need to take care of the early stages of periods, you need to start talking with your children about the periods before their friends start having them don’t think, “early is too early.”

Early signs of periods

Somewhere 5 to 10 days before you gonna have them or depends upon person to person because each person has their different body and different hormonal level can feel them or not it’s not necessary that every girl face the same symptoms at the same time but majorly have them, the following list indicates the beginning symptoms about your menstruation or period is going to start. Also, these traits are acknowledged as premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Abdominal cramps

Most usually is a kind of muscle pain that appears in the lower tummy section. It might be mild or sometimes very sharp at this phase to try to avoid any kind of medicine without taking proper doctor’s guidance.

Tender breasts

This one is another sign that your periods are going to knock on your door, it’s also caused because of hormonal changes in this case the Estrogen and progesterone are responsible for tenderness. This occurs a few days before your cycle. You will observe that both of your breasts swell and become tender, painful, or even itchy.

Fatigue & Bloating

Once your cycle is going to begin you’ll see that you have a gassy stomach and constipation, it develops after eating because your metabolism system goes disbalance due to high hormone production.  


At the same time, you can feel a slight headache because of high hormonal flow. Headache is a sensation in your head or some part of your head it might be sharp or mild.

Mood swings, Craving, and Low energy

On average, you feel some unexpected changes in your behavior, sometimes you’ll feel very sad and your body refuses to do too much work as you feel exhausted and a high desire for some specific food.

Lower back pain

You can also recognize that your lower back has been broken up and it is hurting, it will go off on its own.

Trouble in sleeping

Meanwhile, at the time of your menstruation, many changes arise in your body so due to all this sometimes you’ll feel some discomfort at the sleeping time and entire day as well. 

It’s a situation where a little bit discomfort arrives, but it’s a time where the struggle of a girl’s life begins, no need to worry about the periods it’s not a thing which happens for some specific persons rather than its a good sign of – A Good health; A Good Life; A hope for new life; A maturity in behavior; A phase of life.

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