Weight gain healthy homemade drink recipes for kids

oftentimes parents are worried about their baby’s health because the baby is not gaining weight. In the initial phase of development of a human baby’s body weight gaining may be a cause for worries. Here is this article we are sharing: homemade coconut and almond milk recipe that helps babies to gain weight. The required ingredients are –

Almonds – ¼ Cup
Dry Coconut – ¼ Cup
Jaggery Powder – 3 Tbsp
Cardamom Powder – ¼ Tbsp

The first step is to soak almonds and dry coconut in a bowl till overnight. Now remove the almonds skin and add almonds and dry coconut in a blending jar, add ½ cup of water into the same jar. Grind then by adding ½ cup of water till it becomes a smooth paste, open the jar and again add ½ cup of water in the same jar after grinding. With the help of a clean thin cloth strain the milk, now squeezing to extract milk, again add almond coconut dregs into the blending jar add one cup of water and again grind them, again extract the milk with the same procedure.

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Homemade raw milk is ready, now we will warm this milk on a low flame (no need to boil this milk only slightly warm) Now add jaggery powder(it’s optional for babies) now add a pinch of cardamom powder and mix it well. Homemade healthy almond coconut milk is ready. It can also be used in making kheer for babies. This milk can be easily used to make ice cream.

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