Is my Baby Full?

Being a new mom it can be so confusing to find out that is your baby full? or somewhere the baby is not getting their full diet. Either no formula can calculate whether your baby is getting a full diet or not. Meanwhile, when you are breastfeeding you have to check a few things that may be a sign that the baby is getting a full diet or their stomach is full.  

As the baby is too young to tell you that he is feeling hungry or he is full, there are usually clear signs that may indicate that at what time the baby is full or hungry. On an, every different age gap babies show different signs that they are hungry. Some of them we notify here –

Till 6 Months of the age

If the baby gives these signs it means he/she is hungry:

  • Frequently putting their hands into the mouth.
  • Turning their heads towards the mom’s breast or their milk bottle.
  • Baby starts licking lips.
  • Tightly closing their hands.

The baby is full:

  • When babies get their full diet they close their mouths.
  •  After getting their full diet they start to remove their mounts from the mom’s breasts and milk bottle.
  • Babies relax their hands after getting a full diet.

6 to 2 years of the age

If the baby gives these signs it means he/she is hungry:

  • Trying to reach that point where you usually keep the food
  • When you offer something with the help of a spoon open their mouth with every single try. 
  • They cannot stop their excitement once they see the food.
  • Generally, babies give some sounds or open their hands when they need something to eat.

The baby is full:

  • Once the baby got enough food they pushed the remaining one.
  • When you offer something to eat they close their mouth and will not accept anything.
  • Will not be excited to see the food and turn away their head.
  • They gargle the food if they are full.

The choice to accept the food or not let the babies decide. It’s not about to finish their food or milk bottle, it’s about their hunger. Do not make any opinion too soon that your baby is not getting enough diet, but it should not be ignored if the baby is repeating their behavior or negligence of the food

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